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Estimation (or estimating) is the process of finding an estimate, or approximation, which is a value that is usable for some purpose even if input data may be incomplete, uncertain, or unstable. The value is nonetheless usable because it is derived from the best information available. Typically, estimation involves "using the value of a statistic derived from a sample to estimate the value of a corresponding population parameter".

The sample provides information that can be projected, through various formal or informal processes, to determine a range most likely to describe the missing information. An estimate that turns out to be incorrect will be an overestimate if the estimate exceeded the actual result,and an underestimate if the estimate fell short of the actual result.

With so many options available today, choosing the right options of flooring, painting, woodwork and tiling for your new home construction that suits your budget has become a tricky and difficult task. With so many types of materials coming up, one may find it very tideous before concluding on the best option.

It calculates costs using complex algorithms, pricing information from market surveys as well as past projects we have fulfilled in your city. This cost estimator is the ideal one for your need since the resultant estimate includes individual cost details for each component of your project making sure you have clarity on all aspects of pricing.

However, this estimate should only be used as reference to make choices or get a rough understanding of the costs involved. Since customisation is the major factor driving costs, actual project costs may vary from the estimated cost.

Our process for Estimation

The responsibility for compiling accurate estimates for a construction company normally falls onto the shoulders of the salesperson.

Some construction-related companies hire estimators to estimate, and sales people to sell. We personally believe this is a duplication of effort needed to get to the sale and it runs up the overhead expense. If possible, these two positions should be combined. If the salesperson/estimator is involved with the entire sales process, both the estimate and writing the contract, there will be fewer errors not only on the estimate sheet but also on the contract, the negotiating process, and the job.

We are not going to "teach" estimating in this article, you won't learn how to estimate our  job in a short.

Estimating Starts With Good Plans

Any estimator must know how to read plans. And they must have a good set of plans to work from.

Without a good set of plans, it is virtually impossible to know if the customer's idea of what they want done matches your understanding of what they want done. It is almost guaranteed that your concept of the job will differ from the customer's without a good set of plans.


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